Dreams, Goals, Plans, Action

I have a ton of dreams for this farm, but I’ve never written them down with a date to make the dream become a goal.  No goal means no plan, no plan means no action, and no action means they remain dreams and nothing more.  What I consider a dream is something big.  Something that will cost money and something that will require hard work, but something that will in some form have a big return on the investment.  Here are some of the dreams on my list…

  • Small Barn for tools (shop), feed storage, and junk storage.
  • Large barn for family gatherings, possibly to rent to public.
  • Turn existing barn, beside the pond, into a picnic shed with restroom and grill.
  • Covered bridge over first place driveway crosses the creek.
  • Stone bridge over second place driveway crosses the creek.
  • Waterfall beside stone bridge.
  • Grist Mill (not a working grist mill) with overshot waterwheel, fed from pond.
  • Turn timber framed woodshed behind house into food processing building.
  • Finish log cabin in the woods above the pond.
  • Build an on-site old-fashioned general store on the farm.

As you can see, there are quite a few things I have dreamed about and as I approach retirement age, my time to accomplish some of these is running short, so I’ve decided to pick one for which we have the greatest need at the moment and that one is the small barn for tools with a feed room and a large area for storing junk. 

This barn will be located on a slab in the parking area at the end of our driveway, to the left of our house.  Since it will be so close to the house, we are going to call it a carriage house and build it to resemble one.  Below is a photo of what we envision. 

Carriage House

The structure will be 16’ wide, 24’ long, and 2 stories tall.  The first floor will have two rooms: a tool shop/garden shed and a feed room.  The tool shop/garden shed will be 16’ x 16’ and the feed room will be 8’ x 16’.  There will be stairs in the tool shop that lead to the second floor.  The second floor will have half walls (4’ high) on the sides with a roof peaking around 9’ or 10’ in the center. 

My goal is to have this finished before winter.  I’ve figured up the materials for the floor and I’ve divided the work required to complete the floor into 3 sessions (weekends).  I’ll tackle the first floor walls next, then the second story floor, followed by the second story walls, gables, and finally the roof.

As soon as I get my truck out of the shop I will start.  Stay tuned for updates.  This will be a long project.

A dream written down with a date becomes a goal.
A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan.
A plan backed by action makes your dreams reality.

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