I’m Back (For Now)

Well, I had decided to quit blogging, given my circumstances, but I’ve changed my mind.  My PSA doubling rate was 2.2 months.  Anything under 3 months does not carry a good prognosis.  However, through a combination of different interventions and God’s grace I’ve managed to stretch the doubling rate out to 12.6 months.  That is much better.  My oncologist has a particular clinical trial he wants me to participate in, but my PSA must be a 2 before I am eligible.  Right now, I have “rising-PSA-only recurrent prostate cancer”.  That means my PSA is rising, but there is no evidence of disease yet.  If I can maintain a doubling rate of 12.6 months, I will not be eligible for a clinical trial for 4 years.  However, I’ve found a recent study where the PSA doubling rate in “rising-PSA-only recurrent prostate cancer” patients (like me) was extended from an average of 10 months to over 24 months with the use of Avodart.  Avodart is actually a hair loss drug.  It works by keeping your body from converting testosterone to DHT which is another form of testosterone that causes male pattern baldness.  Prostate cancer is a hormonal cancer and testosterone is the food that feeds it.  However, DHT is like a superfood for prostate cancer.  Will I get the same results?  I don’t know, but if I do get the same results, My PSA should not reach a 2 for about 9.4 years.  The trial my doctor wants to get into uses an immunotherapy technology called BiTE.  In a nutshell, they train my immune system to go after cells with PSMA on their surface.  Initial results are showing very robust responses, but it’s way to early to know how durable these responses will be.  That’s why I want to delay the trial for as long as possible.  If I can delay the start date for 9.4 to 10 years, that will take me to the age of 70.  If the response is not a complete and durable response and I only get 5 years from the treatment, that will take me to the age of 75.  However, in 10 years this BiTE therapy, if successful, should be an FDA approved treatment and there are even more treatments in the pipelines.  Some companies are making great inroads on the CAR T-Cell therapy on hard tumors.  CAR T-cell therapy is cure for lymphoma.  If they can figure out how to get past the tumor microenvironment, then it may very well become a cure for prostate cancer and breast cancer.  At any rate, without the opportunity of receiving one of these new treatments by participating in a clinical trial, my estimated life span is 4 to 6 years (providing I stay healthy).  I’ve missed writing and although I am starting back on this blog, this is my last post on my prostate cancer.  I’ve seen far too many blogs where newly diagnosed men start the blog talking about how they are going to fight this disease and beat it.  Just about all of them end with a post from the wife informing everyone that her husband lost his battle with the disease.  I don’t know if I will beat it.  I do know the odds are against me and the statistics are not in my favor, but what will be, will be.  God has blessed be far more than I deserve, and if this disease takes me out of this world, I will leave with a humble and grateful heart, full of praise for God’s blessings in my life.

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