Hometown Happy

I love my hometown of Pickens.  Whenever I checkout at Walgreens, Doris always greets me with, “Well hey Dale!  How are you doing?”  I tell her I’m doing fine and then I inquire how she is faring.  She tells me what’s going on in her life and then she asks, “How’s Willie doing?”  (Willie is my dad)

I leave there and run by Bee Well Natural Market to get some coffee or deliver some eggs.  Adrian always me asks about Mister Boone, my oldest son’s miniature schnauzer.  I ask her about her recent family hikes she’s posted on Instagram.  We chit chat for a while and more often than not I leave with a free coffee which, by the way, is brewed from beans that are woodfire roasted in small batches by Trey, a super nice guy who works for the forestry service down the road in Pumpkin Town.  His coffee business is called Silva Coffee.  Look them up.  Their coffee is hands down the best I’ve ever had.

General Store

Anyhow, you get the gist.  Small hometown, everyone knows everyone.  Well, almost.  The town is growing by leaps and bounds and becoming more “artsy” every year.  We have a craft brewery on Main Street called Appalachian Ale House and another one at the end of town called South Cack.  South Cack offers a charcuterie board although I’d bet most of my hometown folks have no idea what a charcuterie board is.  And that segues me to my story. 

This evening, Melody and I went to eat at a new café on Main Street called Revyve.  It’s more than just a café, it is a juice bar, a coffee shop, and a boutique as well.  Very quaint, and they offer a charcuterie board too!  That’s two places in Pickens where you can get a charcuterie board.  Who woulda thunk it?

Anyhow, this was our second time eating there and we both ordered the same thing we had the first time.  Melody got the chicken-salad croissant with chips, and I got the chicken-salad salad.  While we were eating, Dr. Pam comes in to pick up supper for her and her husband, Steve.  She places her order and then comes to sit with us and talk.  She also picked up a piece of pumpkin cake from the counter and ordered a cup of coffee which she brought back to the table to eat while waiting for her order.  We had a great time catching up on some gossip and laughing.  Dan, who works down the road at Farm Bureau, walked by and saw us through the window.  He popped in to say hello and talked for a little bit.  After Dan left, they brought Pam the food she ordered for supper and sat it on the table.  Pam proceeded to finish her cake and coffee, and continued fellowshipping with us.  We were all having a great time, but then suddenly Pam jumps up and says, “I gotta go, I got someone waiting in car for me and I forgot all about them.” She grabbed up her food and rushed out, leaving her pocketbook hanging on the back of the chair.  The funny thing is, she was parked in front of the café, so the lady waiting in the car could see her inside eating cake, drinking coffee, laughing, and having a great time.  We called her and told her she left her pocketbook and we met her at her office to give it back to her.  We had a good laugh about it. 

Off to School

The other day, I watched a video on YouTube that was made on Kensington Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Watch it if you get a chance. It will make you appreciate your small hometown and you’ll quickly realize it’s good-living in a small town and it’s good living in a small town.  

And who knows?  We might get adventurous one day and try one of them charcuterie boards. I’ll probably call it a chartootery board when we order it, just to embarrass Melody.

“In small towns as well as large, good people outnumber bad people by a hundred to one.  In big towns the hundred are nervous.  But in small towns, it’s the one.”  ~ Paul Harvey

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