Forgotten, but not Gone

Ever drive down the road and pass an old, abandoned farmhouse?  Of course, you have.  Have you ever wondered who lived there?  Was it a big, happy family?  Or was it a lonely spinster?  Why is the house now abandoned and in disrepair?  I often wonder these things, because in my short time here on this earth I have seen houses go from thriving centers of happiness and activity to forlorn and dilapidated structures with sagging roofs and broken windows.

Abandoned Farmhouse

I see one of these houses and I think, someone had a “last night” in that house.  A “last meal”.  A “last birthday”.  A “last Christmas”.  There is a long list of “lasts” in our lives and sadly, we cannot remember most of them.  Do you remember the last time you sat in your mother’s lap?  Or the last time your dad pitched baseball with you?  Do you remember the last meal you had with your grandparents?  Or the last time you read a book to your child? 

Abandoned Farmhouse

Thank God for your blessings.  Live each day and cherish each experience as if it were your “last”.  It just might be!

“Lost things are not last things…” ~Ayaan

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