dale339, Porter Valley Farms

Hay Making Time

Although we were running a couple of weeks behind, we finally got a break in the weather and were blessed with several days of sunshine.  EVERYONE in Pickens County has been baling hay this week.  With round balers and loaders, getting hay out of the field is now a one-man job, but when I was a kid (before anyone around here had ever seen a round baler) we used to bale the stuff with a square baler.  These square bales, before they dried, could weigh anywhere from 40 to 70 pounds.  We would drive through the fields in an old truck, stack the hay on the back of the truck (about 35 bales per load), drive to the barn, and move the hay from the truck to the barn.  Inside the barn, it was always blistering hot and we had to stack the hay all the way up to the rafters.  Some of the barns had lofts and we would have to pitch these heavy bales over our heads to get them into the barn.  This work often lasted into the night and as hard as this was, I look back on it as one of my fondest memories.



[You don’t know the meaning of hard work until you spend a summer baling hay. ~Rachel Denton]

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