Cows, dale339, Porter Valley Farms

Newborn Calf

One of the greatest joys of living on a farm is witnessing the miracle and constant renewal of life everywhere around you.  Pastures and hayfields, browned by the cold winter, turn green with spring.  Fuzzy baby chicks peep out from under their mother’s wings.  Little yellow ducklings swim in single file behind mama duck.  Calves kick up their heels, running and playing together like puppies.

This little fellow here was just a few hours old when this picture was taken.  He had no fear of humans.  Why should he?  It’s a bright, exciting world and every sight, every scent, every sound is a new experience to be savored with wonder and awe.


[Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.  ~ Laura Ingles Wilder]


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