dale339, Layers, Porter Valley Farms

Egg License

Our egg license came in the mail today, so our layer operation is official!  Our flock of chicks will not be laying until the October/November timeframe, but that’s okay because we still have lots to do…

  • Purchase electric poultry netting.
  • Purchase small trailer to mount water tanks, feed containers, feeders, battery and solar fence charger.
  • Purchase egg washer, egg scales, egg candle.
  • Order cartons and stamps.
  • Build a mobile shelter with nesting boxes.
  • Prepare a winter shelter and enclosure for the months when forage is no longer available (December, January, February).
  • Build a feed storage facility so we can buy our feed in bulk.
  • Put the finishing touches on our brochures and signs.


[The key to everything is patience.  You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not smashing it.]

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