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Egg Marketing Tools

We received the final designs for our Farm logo today and I updated our marketing material for our free-range egg operations.  Before I show that, I must give credit to “The Logo Company” in New York.  I think these guys hit the ball out of the ballpark with our design.  They delivered exactly what we were looking for, they delivered it in a timely fashion, and their prices were very competitive.  I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a logo/trademark or any other marketing materials.

Once I received the files, I created the marketing materials myself, using Microsoft Publisher.  Below are the finished products.


We are going to offer tri-fold brochures with information about our farm, our hens, and free-range eggs.  The stores that carry our eggs may place these on the counter.





Storefront Window Signs

We are also going to offer signs that stores may place in their storefront window.


Cooler Signs

And lastly, we are going to offer signs (stickers) that stores may place on their coolers where they keep the eggs.


We are still waiting for our egg license and we need to get some stamps for our egg cartons.  As soon as those come in, I’ll add another post and share what our finished product will look like.

[Your farm tells a story.  How will the next chapter begin?]

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