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Chicken Tractor Modification

Getting inside the tractor to water and feed the chickens has become difficult and frustrating. The birds swarm me as if they are starving and there is just not enough room to move around comfortably now that they have matured to full size. To address part of this problem, I hung a 5-gallon bucket on the outside of the tractor. This bucket is mounted higher than the one on the inside and I installed a hose from the bottom of the outside bucket to the inside of the bucket from which the chickens drink.

The bracket, bucket, tail-pipe, pool hose, and tie straps were purchased at Ace Hardware. The contraption works great! I pour the water into the bucket on the outside and it drains into the bucket on the inside. I plan to make the following modifications before we do another run…

1. Add a lid to the inside bucket and run the pool hose through the lid. This will keep bugs and debris out of the water.

2. Affix feed troughs to each side of the cage and a means of adding food into the troughs from the outside.

With the above two modifications, I shouldn’t have to enter the tractor to water and feed the next batch of chickens.

I’m also thinking about building the Joel Salatin style tractor and giving that a trial run. If you’re not familiar with that style, just Google it and you’ll find tons of pictures.

[It isn’t the farm that makes a farmer, it’s the love, hard work, and character.]

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