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The First Baby Step

We’ve applied for our egg license.  You may sell eggs without a license on your farm or at a roadside stand, but to sell in stores you must obtain a license and follow certain guidelines.  We don’t expect to make a lot of money with our eggs, but if the eggs cover the cost of feed for both the broilers and layers we will be happy.

We have registered our farm at http://www.localhens.com and we will be purchasing pre-printed cartons.  Information required on the cartons by the USDA are:

  1. Farm name and address.
  2. Egg size (i.e. large).
  3. Grade (i.e. grade A).
  4. Date collected.
  5. Refrigeration warning (keep below 45 degrees).

The egg cartons have to be approved by the USDA too.  We plan to provide eggs in one-dozen cartons and half-dozen cartons.  These cartons will be made from recycled paper and are biodegradable.  The carton design is very important.  It is the “business” card of the farm.  Below are the cartons we will be using…

dozen top

dozen back

dozen inside

Here’s what the half-dozen cartons look like…

halfdozen top

We will use rubber stamps with ink that matches the pre-printed colors and stamp the required information into the blank areas on the cartons.

If you are interested (and have a farm in SC) here is a link to the SC Code of Laws – Title 39 – Trade and Commerce, Chapter 39 – Eggs and Baby Chicks…


[More than a business – the family farm is a lifestyle – it is an idea worth preserving.]

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